Wellbeing series

For awareness our existing modules can be adapted, or they can be bespoke to the needs of the business, we can create a box set or provide single subject training.
We have multiple methods of delivery, from Online, Face to Face or Video’s.

Email our training team who will happily support with any enquires – trainingcourses@optima-uk.com

Self Belief and Self Care

Understanding how looking after ourselves first is the foundation of wellbeing

Embracing Change

Understanding how to take a step out of our comfort zone and move towards change with confidence

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Identify what stress and anxiety are, and learn how we can live day to day and manage the symptoms

Setting our personal

Goals Explore what is important for us, what we want to achieve, where we want to get to in live, and set realistic goals to help us succeed

Creating Healthy Habits

Understanding the automatic habit cycle and how to influence to set healthy habits to improve our wellbeing

Staying Motivated

Understand what motivates us, and how to tap into this to keep us enthused even when times feel tough

Overcoming Barriers

Identify what our own barriers are to achieving our goals and moving forwards, and identifying tools to help overcome them

Setting Personal Boundaries

Explore what our personal boundaries look like and how to assertively put them in place, feeling empowered and confident

Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem

Understand our purpose and inner confidence and what impacts us as a whole, that allows us to increase self esteem

Building Resilience

Learning skills and tools to help us bounce back from ‘tough stuff,’ and building strategies to help us manage in the future


Learn how to be in the present moment, becoming more calm and connected

Consciously Taking Control

The feeling of control is aided by discovering how to move subconscious feelings into our consciousness

Financial Wellbeing

Understanding how financial worries impact on our whole lives, how to manage finances and what to do when finances get out of control

Mastering Happiness

An upbeat session including laughter therapy, appreciating moments of happiness in day to day lives

Understanding and Living with Depression

Understanding what depression is, how to cope and manage this in daily life, and further resources for ongoing support

Suicide Awareness

Helping line managers, colleagues and individuals be aware that support may be needed and how to go about signposting for additional support

Wellbeing in Winter

Understand the impacts seasons have on our wellbeing as well as how to manage through different times of year

Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness

An overall overview introduction to mental health and wellbeing

Understanding Psychosis (Schizophrenia & Bi-Polar)

Learn skills to build confidence in having a conversation and support those living with this diagnosis

Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Understand what S.A.D is, the common symptoms and misconceptions, and coping strategies to work through with self care and treatments

Mental Health First Aider (2 days – MHFA Accredited)

A 2 day accredited qualification covering the skills needed to help someone in mental health crisis

Mental Health Awareness (half day – MHFA Accredited)

A half day accredited qualification giving an overview of the skills needed to help someone in mental health crisis

MHFA Champion (1 day – MHFA Accredited)

A 1 day accredited qualification giving you an understanding of common mental health issues and skills to support positive wellbeing

5 ways to Well-being

Learning the 5 ways to improve your wellbeing, including connecting, being active, learning, being present and giving

Managing overwhelming emotions

Understanding how to name and place our emotions, and learn techniques to help manage them

Sleep Healthy

Understanding the importance of sleep, the impacts of poor sleep hygiene and tips to improve your sleep routine

You and Your Wellbeing

Learn tips, tools and strategies to improve your overall feeling of wellbeing, improving your ability to stay calm, connected and focused

Dealing with Emotional Uncertainty

Identifying how it feels to have emotional uncertainty, and tips to help you move through this towards feeling more in control again

Managing Menopause in the workplace

Understanding what the menopause is, the common symptoms and how to have confidence to ask for help in the workplace

Managing Menopause in the workplace (managers specific)

Covering the basics around the menopause, and how to shift your workplace into a menopause friendly culture

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Understanding the impacts of mental health in the workplace, and how to normalise the conversation around looking after your mental health