Optima is an innovative provider of human resource recruitment and business consultancy services. With over 40 years experience of helping companies with their human capital management via expert recruitment services and business consultancy including hands on Management Development & Executive Coaching and proactive Strategic Business Advice ultimately leading to business growth and/or sale.

Companies: Why choose us?

Human capital is typically both the biggest expense to a business and it’s most critical asset, why then do we continually find that companies will take time to project plan for other major investments but not always the same for their staff. We recognise that your staff are key to influencing business growth. We work with you to help build the right foundations for growth by recruiting & developing your most valued assets.

Global talent

We are all competing globally, whatever our sector, size or needs. Whilst many corporates have explored and achieved global reach, SMEs, typically, do not. Therefore, as a result of a real struggle to find talent, more and more companies are having to spread their net outside the UK. We have access to a global talent pool and work with companies to bring it into the UK when it is not available here. Similarly, where businesses are looking to set up new international ventures, sourcing the right talent in those regions is critical to the enhancement of their potential for maximum impact. Contact us to learn more.