Technology & IT

Through the use of modern technology and the utilisation of contacts and networks across the globe, we have supported many of the world’s leading organisations to recruit, source and manage the top-level talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

We source and select top talent across all technology sectors globally:

Direct hire

Optima UK works with clients to understand their strategy, and can therefore source the right talent.


Using unique software and our networks, searching for the right person is what we do.


We have dedicated teams who will focus on you and your requirements.

Locally Global

Our unrivalled networks stretch from our home city, across the UK to Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

Across all disciplines

Our consultants have a sound operational background, with practical experience in corporate roles understanding the skills, experience and personal attributes required for the specialist jobs they are recruiting for. We aim to work in partnership to really understand your business and its requirements.

When you’re looking for your next office professional, you’ll want to be confident you are talking to someone that understands both your business and the job role inside out. All recruitment businesses understand recruitment, but not all of them have the crucial and all-important industry specific experience that will add value to your business. Working with local, national and global companies, we can tailor our service to suit your needs, be it a large scale recruitment project or the sourcing of one or more business specialists.

Candidate sourcing

We ensure we find the best people for your business. We actively invest in high-level global search capability across all our business sectors, delivering ‘best-in-class’ candidate selection.

Skills matching

We undertake a rigorous skills-matching exercise that cross-matches the skills of each candidate with the specific requirements of your business. Not only this, we also ensure that we are matching against your culture, performance and behaviour expectations.

Face to face interviewing

Traditional methods of recruiting are often overlooked in recruitment, but we see it as one of the best methods to assess a candidates’ suitability.

Technical reasoning tests

You will want to understand how a candidate would approach a specific process within your business. That’s why for certain roles we will use a technical reasoning test to assess a candidate’s suitability.

Competency based interviews

Competency based interviews allow us to predict future behaviour as a good basis and allow us to assess for key competencies including: Teamwork | Decision making | Leadership | Problem solving | Communication.

Assessment centres

We have run Assessment Centres for a wide range of corporate clients and can run them completely or provide input for your own teams to run.