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We have commissioned Optima to develop and deliver our Bolder Healthier Workplace Champions programme following a very impressive tender. This set out their approach to working with businesses to train staff as champions to support colleagues improve and maintain their health and wellbeing in a range of ways, including mental health, weight management and healthy eating. While we have worked with Optima, they have been committed and innovative in their approach, showing a real dedication to the work and an excellent understanding of what we are trying to achieve together. The team has been very engaging, offering solutions quickly and often answering questions before we have them. We’re looking forward to continuing to build the programme alongside them.

Ben Murphy | Senior Programme Officer | Bolder Healthier, Birmingham Public Health

Are you ready to revolutionise your workplace?

Join the Bolder, Healthier Birmingham initiative by nominating a Wellbeing Champion from your team. Our Fully Funded training programme equips your designated champion with the knowledge skills, and motivation to transform your workplace into a hub of health and happiness.

Why Should Your Business Participate?

Creating a Wellbeing Champion within your organisation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced Sickness: A healthier workforce means fewer sick days, saving you time and money.

  • Increased Productivity: Healthy employees are more engaged and productive, driving your business forward.

  • Happier Teams: Boost morale and foster a positive, supportive workplace culture.

What Will Your Wellbeing Champion Gain?

Throughout the 2 year hybrid programme, your Wellbeing Champion will:

Why Should Your Business Participate?

Creating a Wellbeing Champion within your organisation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Access Professional Expertise: Learn from an accredited Health & Wellbeing team dedicated to empowering your champion with the tools to inspire and motivate their colleagues.

  • Track Progress: Establish a baseline of business data to measure improvements in health and wellbeing over time.

  • Showcase Commitment: Enhance your company’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

Programme Details:

  • Duration: Totally flexible! This has been designed to work for you! All we ask is for a commitment of a minimum of 12 touch points per annum

  • Content: Access to a secure portal with 24 pieces of new content, released weekly

  • Who’s eligible: Must have workers within the Birmingham City Council jurisdiction. Also must be from one of the following sectors: automotive, food & drink preparation services, manufacturing, retail stores with food, beverage and tobacco and social care services

*If your team is smaller, please contact us directly at workplacechampions@optima-uk.com