How to stay Productive and Healthy @Work during the Festivities

Christmas is nearly here and with everyone rushing about to get things done for the big day it’s the time of year when people are less motivated and more likely to fall ill!

According to the Office of National Statistics work productivity fell during the last quarter of last year.

So how do we ensure we are fighting fit and remain that way in the run up to the festive period?

Well here are just a few tips to ensure you keep fit and healthy in the run up to and during the Christmas period.

1) Encourage your team to take breaks

The workplace culture is such that we often don’t take breaks resulting in poor eating habits. Chances are that if you do this your health will begin to suffer and you are more likely to be absent from work. As managers the best thing you can do to avoid absenteeism is to encourage employees to take time away from their desks.

2) Healthy eating habits

Offices usually have vending machines full of chocolate and crisps. I know ours does…but wouldn’t it be good to give employees the choice of fresh fruit to keep that vitamin C up! You never know they might just go for it!

3) Breakdown goals

At Christmas everyone is trying to get projects complete before the holiday break so they can relax and not to have to worry about work. How do you avoid your staff becoming overwhelmed and daunted by big projects that have to be complete? Well, one way is to break down bigger projects into more manageable and smaller tasks. Tackling a big project will be daunting…but break it down into smaller tasks and it becomes easier to take in. You could also request one to one meetings to ensure any big projects are kept on track.

4) Co-ordinate calendars

To ensure everyone in the office, shop floor, back office and management has time off during Christmas it’s important to allow everyone to request their leave. Then co-ordinate to ensure everyone has leave but if required, staff are covering the office too.

These are just a few tips that might help with ensuring your team are healthy and productive. If you have any tips you’d like to share please let us know. In the meantime, have a great Christmas and New Year!


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