Top Tips to Advance Your Career in Engineering

Regardless of whether your starting your career in Engineering or a seasoned professional, more than likely you’ll aspire to advance your career.
As Engineering recruitment specialists’, we know a thing or two about Engineering having worked with clients across various sectors and know what Engineering companies are looking for in their candidates. So here are our top tips from our Engineering Division.

1) Don’t pigeon hole yourself
Engineering is vast and operates across an expanse of industries, so it’s important not to pigeon hole yourself and restrict yourself to one industry or specialism. When you start your Engineering career you should try to gain skills across different of sectors, industries and specialisms to differentiate yourself from other Engineers and ensure you are more employable than other Engineering professionals.

2) Expose yourself to new and emerging technology
It’s always easy to do what you’ve always done and stick to what you know. However, if you want to advance your career in Engineering it is imperative to step outside your comfort zone and expose yourself to new technology and new and innovative ways of doing things. Technology is advancing at an ever- increasing rate and people who can use it will be more sought after than those that can’t.

3) Learn from others
Learning never ends and regardless of whether you are a graduate or seasoned professional learning is key. No one is an expert in everything so there is always an opportunity to learn from those around you. If your willing to learn rather than having tunnel vision and do things the way you’ve always done, you will be on your way to a successful career. It shows you are willing to embrace new ideas and that’s what makes the best innovators.

4) Choose your employer carefully
To advance your career in the Engineering sector you must be careful about who you start your carer with. It needs to be a company that encourages and supports your progression, skills and aspirations. Constant learning and embracing new technologies can only happen if you work for a company that shares that same passion and vision.

That’s just a few ways to advance your career in Engineering. If you need any advice and want to talk to one of our Engineering consultants contact Alex Smorawinski on
0116 303 3560 or email


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