Is Recruitment Your Marmite?

Imagine recruiting alongside Gerard Butler?

I’m sure the ladies reading this would delight in that opportunity!

‘The Headhunters Calling’ is the latest film from Gerard Butler, set in the world of big money recruitment.

He plays a ruthless headhunter determined to take over the company he works for when his young son falls ill.

He recently dropped in at the New York office of a global recruiter to gain some real on-the-job insight into recruitment.

He was genuinely interested in the industry and what it takes to be successful.

So what is it really like to work in the Recruitment Industry?

The view that many have about the recruitment market is a very stereotypical and negative one and think consultants are just pushy and ruthless sales reps. Other’s think that consultants don’t do a lot for their money. True or unjustified!

What better way to shed some light on the matter than by talking to someone who has sat on both sides of the fence. Having worked as an Operations Director for the last ten years, Jason Thompson recently joined Optima UK as a Senior Consultant. I asked him what he thought about the recruitment industry before he started working for Optima UK and what he thinks now and this is what he had to say.

“Before working at Optima I thought recruitment was all about filling jobs regardless of whether a candidate suited or not.
I always thought consultants had little regard for the candidate and client relationship.
I couldn’t have been further from the truth.
All the consultants at Optima genuinely care for their candidates and clients and invest time in understanding the clients business in order to find the candidate with the right skills.
Changing jobs is a huge decision to make for anyone and
I myself feel an immense responsibility to place candidates in the right company and the right role.”

The Headhunters Calling is currently in production and will commence principle photography on October 26th in Toronto.

Optima will be watching closely so look out for updates on this film which is guaranteed to be a must see for all recruiters!


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