Optima UK doesn’t use WhatsApp messaging to contact potential candidates and participants

We’ve had a number of calls from people who say they have received WhatsApp messages from recruitment and training consultants claiming to be from Optima UK.

We’re sorry if you have received these messages – please be assured, they are definitely not from us.

Scammers are pretending to be from recruitment consultancies and training businesses such as Optima UK. They could be pretending to offer you an amazing role, but they are probably just trying to get hold of your personal details or your bank information.

We have reported these scam messages to the police, Action Fraud and Consumer Advice, and they are looking into the matter.

Just so you know, we never make initial contact with prospects through WhatsApp and we never have a business card like the ones that the scammers are sending.

We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and any approach would be in keeping with the honest and transparent way we have been doing business throughout our history.

So, please be careful with any WhatsApp messages that you are not expecting or from people you do not know. These messages are often badly worded and contain spelling errors.

Here is some advice for you if you receive a suspicious message:

  • Do not reply or engage in conversation.
  • Do not share any personal or financial information.
  • Block the number (Click on the number and scroll down to the Block option (usually in red lettering).
  • Report the message to WhatsApp. (Click on the number and scroll down to the Report option (usually in red lettering).

We are very grateful to people who have contacted us about these scam messages and sent us screenshots of them.

If you are able to let us know if you have received one, please email enquiries@optima-uk.com.


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