Meeting the ministerial VIP

Mims Davies, carrying a red file, is pictured on the left with Oliver Wright from Optima UK.

Government minister Mims Davies with Optima UK’s Oliver Wright.

We were delighted to meet with Mims Davies recently as she visited York in her role as Minister of State (Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work).

Ms Mims visited the JobCentre Plus to meet with staff and talk to a number of service providers, including Optima’s Oliver Wright, who is a wellbeing and employability specialist.

Working on a project funded by the Department of Work and Pensions, Oliver is helping to deliver back-to-work training for people who need extra support.

He said: “I spent some one-to-one time with the minister and talked about the programme, and what Optima is doing to help people who are struggling with mental health matters.

“She wondered whether many might be self-diagnosed, but I explained that around 85 to 90 percent had a diagnosed condition. She seemed very engaged and it was good to talk to people at the very highest level who could affect positive change.”

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, where the spotlight is being shone on what support there is for people with mental health issues.

For example, Mind, which works to improve the lives of people with mental health problems, has launched its #NoMindLeftBehind campaign, where it is calling on people to “raise awareness and vital funds for a future where everyone can get quality mental health care when they need it”.

Optima UK has a long heritage of working with private and public sector organisations across the country to improve the mental health of staff.

A suite of modules is available that can be utilised as a whole, or in bitesize elements.


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