Businesses urged to seek professional help to reduce absenteeism among young colleagues

Companies who are seeing high absenteeism among young workers are being advised that help and support programmes are available to them.

The news this week saw headlines around surveys that show in 2021-2022, more than one-in-three young people aged 18-24 reported symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

And it was reported that more than half a million people within the same age group were prescribed anti-depressants in 2021-22.

Optima UK, the Leicester-based training and recruitment company, says its highly-trained mental health counselling team are already delivering programmes of support via a number of public-sector contracts.

But Sarah Preston, Head of Training at Optima, believes company leaders should be looking at what they can do to help individuals and, as a result, their own businesses.

She said: “While innovative support services from local authorities are delivering results and making a difference, they are sometimes constrained in what they can do and who they can help.

“Businesses should be looking at what support they can get on board, and should seek solutions from professionals.

“For example, counsellors who are mental health trained could be supporting individuals with one-to-one mentoring over a set period, or providing tools to enable individuals to focus on increasing motivation, resilience, confidence, and self-esteem.”

And Sarah added: “Investing in people is investing in your business. By helping people you can reduce issues such as absenteeism and in turn ensure your business is productive.” 

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