Top Tips to Advance Your Career in Finance & Accounting

Regardless of if you’ve only just started your career in Finance & Accounting or have years of experience behind you, you’ll have ambitions of advancing your career in the sector.

As recruitment specialists we work with high profile clients across a variety of industries and recognise the skill sets they look for in their employees. So here are our top tips to advance your career in Finance & Accounting.

1. Don’t become too niche

Every company has a requirement for a certain level of Finance & Accounting, so it’s beneficial to gain experience across different sectors rather than pigeon holing yourself to one. There is a danger that by restricting yourself to one industry your skills will become too niche and can’t be transferred to another sector.

2. Gain a qualification to match your role

Ensure you have a qualification relevant to the role you are looking for. Be knowledgeable about the qualifications you need and work towards that.

3. Learn from others

No one is an expert in everything so whether you’re a graduate or seasoned professional, learning never stops. To advance a career in Finance & Accounting you’ll have to be willing to learn from those around you.

4. Choose your employer carefully

To progress your Finance & Accounting career you should carefully consider the company you start your career with. It should be a company that supports your progression, skills and aspirations so it’s important to try and establish this at the interview.

5. Embrace new accounting systems

It is always easy to do what you’ve always done and stick to what you know. However, if you want to advance your career in Finance & Accounting its imperative to embrace new accounting systems.

In a recent survey, 60% of AAT members said that they believe basic accountancy processes will be fully automated within the next five years so embracing these new technologies is imperative.

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