Is your business achieving its optimum growth potential or exit value?

We take the time to really understand your organisation and, combining these insights, carefully align/re-align them to your goals, aspirations and needs. Then we develop the right tailored solution for your organisation and employees, and help to deliver measurable improvements to your business.

Optima in numbers?

Research shows that individuals only retain 10% of what they learn on a traditional training course And only put into effect 10% of what they retain Resulting in a 1% return on investment!

Optima’s alternative approach

With only a 1% return on the UK’s £34 billion training and development spend and the fact that the UK’s Plc’s management and leadership skills are falling short and other leading countries. Optima’s blended bespoke training methods are proven to have real impact on employee performance, motivation levels and increased personal contribution. Our training and development services include:

  • Workplace learning modules
  • Workplace one-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Workplace workshops and projects relevant to your business plan
  • E-learning modules
  • Distance learning materials
  • Classroom or offsite-based courses and workshops

Putting people first

We design and deliver a seamless tailored solution for your organisation which ensures your employees have the skills they need to make your organisation stronger, more resilient and better at coping with future developments.